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Hi! The name is Karime and Kaneki Ken ruined my life.

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  Anonymous said:
Ahh I see. Im glad when I find a rh shipper in people I follow and I didnt know they ship them hahaha Rh is my otp as well and I also side ship sourin as well <3 I like to multiship rin with others but haru and sousuke mostly.

OH OH SAME!!!! I started shipping rh since season 1, and I find sourin really cute.  I also ship Rin with a lot of ppl but mostly those two hehe.

Aww thank you I’m glad that sharing my ship made you happy <3

  Anonymous said:
Oh I didn't know you ship rinharu and its your otp as well. Nice surprise! uvu

RINHARU IS MY LIFE!!!!! It’s my no. 1 ship in Free! tbh. Although I don’t know of many ppl who ship them so it’s a nice surprise to me as well ^^




why do Mexican moms like to make caldo when it’s a million degrees outside

Because our people aren’t weak

I can hear my mom saying:

"Con el caldo y cosas calientes se quita el calor, porque sudas todo"

So I had to eat the fucking caldo at 50ºC.

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Finally after weeks of working on this, it is finished! This includes both seasons, all the frfrs, and the Reigisa duet drama (which alone had Nagisa say it 21 freaking times omg). So please enjoy! 

Tsukiyama Shuu (Miyano Mamoru) singing Kaneki Janakya Dame Mitai (parody of Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun’s opening song)